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National Probation Statistics


Regional/State Probation Statistics

Suffolk County in 2015 had significantly higher percentage of Interim Supervision cases (33%), when compared to Non NYC region (13%)and also the statewide total (11%). One third of new probationers received in Suffolk County were sentenced Interim Probation Supervision.


2015 New Probationers Received



Sentenced Misdemeanors



Interim Supervision



Suffolk County










Non-NYC Total










Statewide Total










Table raw data from annual State aid data

Suffolk County Probation New Cases Received


Family Court Statistics 2015
  • Suffolk County Probation Family Court staff completed a total of 1,680 YASI assessments (Initial, reassessment, case closing assessments). The Youth Assessment Screening Instrument is a systematic set of assessment and case planning tools for use with PINS and JD cases.
  • Alternatives For Youth probation department pre diversion screening unit referred, 514 juveniles to the AFY program, they provided advice & information to 378 callers and provided general advice to 269 callers.
  • Family Court Intake processed 11,160 cases. (Support, Paternity, Custody, PINS)
  • Family Court staff opened 164 PINS and JD investigations
  • Family Court staff supervised 430 cases, 139 Person in Need of Supervision cases and 284 Juvenile Delinquent cases.
  • In Suffolk County, 2013 compared to 2014, PINS positive outcomes increased from 70% to 82%. JD positive outcomes increased from 61% to 68%. Positive Outcomes include Probation completed - Maximum expiration and Probation completed - Early discharge Negative Outcomes include Probation completed - Revoked, Discharged due to a new adjudication, Discharged: violation sustained.
  • Based upon a one-day snapshot of all family court active family court supervision cases: Central Islip has the highest number of PINS & JD cases in Suffolk County. Central Islip, Wyandanch, Patchogue, Shirley, Riverhead, Brentwood, Bayshore, Mastic, Amityville, & Huntington Station are the top ten hamlets with the highest number of active JD supervision cases. Mastic Beach is the 11th if we combine Mastic and Mastic Beach. Central Islip, Brentwood, Shirley, Coram, Mastic, Medford, Patchogue and Amityville have the highest number of PINS cases.
  • Residential Placements have decreased from a high of 297 in 2005, down to 100 in 2015. This represents a reduction of 197 juveniles and represents a 66% decrease.
  • From 2012 to 2014, JD detention admissions decreased by almost 50% or 88 admissions. PINS detention admissions decreased by 31% or by 28 admissions.
Criminal Court Statistics 2015
  • Criminal Court Probation staff processed 13,651 Criminal Court Intake ROR cases.
  • Criminal Court Probation staff completed 1621 Felony Criminal Court Presentence Investigations and 1,244 misdemeanor Presentence investigations.
  • Criminal Court Probation staff completed 13,404, Criminal Court COMPASS screening, assessments & reassessments.
  • Supervised Release cases increased by 86% in 2015. New supervised release cases increased by 118 cases from 2014 to 2015, this represents an 86% increase. Felony Supervised release cases increased 72% from 66 to 114, and Misdemeanor cases increased 98% from 71 to 141 new cases.
  • Criminal Court Probation Supervision staff received 3,042 new offenders: 1,402 new misdemeanor offenders, 610 Felony offenders, and 1004 interim supervision cases.
  • Criminal Court Probation staff supervised 14, 283 offenders during the year.
  • Offenders placed on Interim Probation Supervision has increased 34% from 2010 to 2015. In 2010 there were 1,379 offenders on Interim Probation Supervision that number increased by 477 offenders to 1,856 in 2015.
  • In 2015, Suffolk County had the highest number in all of New York of presentence orders requiring an ignition interlock device by the monitoring authority.
  • Suffolk County had 2,318 presentence orders requiring an ignition interlock device. Nassau County had 1,125 orders, Queens had 1,983. All other counties were significantly lower
  • Even more illuminating perhaps is the overall volume of alcohol-related DWI sentencing in Suffolk County. In 2011, 1827 persons were convicted of an alcohol-related DWI and sentenced to either probation or a conditional discharge, with Probation designated the CD monitor. In 2012, that number increased to 2228 and in 2013 we received 2163 new supervision/monitoring cases. By 2014, 2270 new alcohol-related DWI sentencing were recorded. In all, over the course of 2015, the Department serviced a total of 4002 misdemeanor alcohol-related DWI Probation cases and a total of 1279 felony alcohol-related DWI Probation cases, in addition to the conditional discharge cases noted above.


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