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Laws, Standards
and Codes


Suffolk County Code
County Attorney

The Administrative Code of Suffolk County

NYS Zero Tolerance Law

The Zero Tolerance law applies to people under the age of 21 who operate a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .02 of 1% or more but not more than .07 of 1%.

Red Light Laws

Suffolk County’s Red Light program is a safety program focused on changing driver behavior at red light intersections through a comprehensive effort involving engineering, education and enforcement. The Suffolk County Red Light Safety program uses automated enforcement to enhance the safety of motorists at red light intersections located within Suffolk County.

Human Rights Law
Human Rights Commission

The Suffolk County Human Rights Commission investigates complaints about discrimination that have occured in Suffolk County. The Commission enforces various local, state and federal laws that give people equal rights.

Shellfish Aquaculture Laws

Environmental Conservation Law §13-0302, which was enacted on September 14, 2004, ceded to the County of Suffolk approximately 100,000 acres of underwater land in Peconic Bay and Gardiners Bay for the purpose of establishing a shellfish aquaculture lease program.

Plastic Bag Law

Effective January 1, 2018 Suffolk County local law will require stores to charge customers a minimum fee of 5 cents on carryout bags that are provided at retail stores. The purpose of this law is to encourage consumers to use their own reusable bags for shopping and to reduce the environmental impacts associated with single use bags.

Living Wage

The living wage shall be adjusted each year in proportion to the increase of the area Consumer Price Index. The covered employer shall provide written notification of the rate adjustments to each of its employees and to its subcontractors and/or tenants, who shall provide written notices to each of their employees and make the necessary payroll adjustments.

Food Protection

The Suffolk County Human Rights Commission investigates complaints about discrimination that have occured in Suffolk County. The Commission enforces various local, state and federal laws that give people equal rights.

Registration of Toxic and Hazardous Materials Storage Facilities

Article 12 of the Suffolk County Sanitary Code requires that toxic and hazardous material storage facilities be registered with the department of health services. Registration is a process of informing the county of the existence of storage tanks, both above and underground, drum storage areas or other storage vessels that contain chemical substances that can contaminate groundwater.

Fertilizer Reduction Initiative
Economic Development

The aim of the Fertilizer Reduction Plan is to reduce nitrogen pollution on Long Island. Nitrogen pollution or nitrate leaching occurs when water forces the nitrates (common in fertilizers) to trickle through the ground below root levels and into the groundwater.

Contractor Wall of Shame
Consumer Affairs

Suffolk County licenses and regulates individuals working in a variety of fields. Individuals involved in Home Appliance Repair, Home Improvement, Home Furnishings Retail, Commercial Painting, Home Improvement Sales, Liquid Waste, Pet Cemeteries, PreciousShadow of a persons head Metals, Tax Grievance and VCR Repair require a license.

Vehicle Seizure
County Attorney

Suffolk County law requires the seizure of all vehicles, whether or not the vehicle is owned by the operator, upon making an arrest or upon issuing a summons or an appearance ticket for operating a vehicle or vessel while intoxicated (with a prior conviction); without a license (with a prior conviction); reckless driving (with a prior conviction); being engaged in a speed contest; unlawfully fleeing a police officer or working as an unlicensed contractor.

Union Organizing Law

The Union Organizing Law was created by the Suffolk County Legislature and signed by the County Executive to assure that County funds were not used to deter or promote union organizing.

Local Laws

To review, download or print any specific Local Law, please note the Intro Resolution number or Resolution Number listed and proceed to the Legislation Page.

Food Allergy Laws

Food establishments covered by Suffolk County Local Law (SCLL) 4-2018 are required to post on all menus and menu boards a notice that reads “Before placing your order, please inform your server if a person in your party has a food allergy

In addition, the law requires the Suffolk County Department of Health Services to establish a voluntary program for covered food establishments to be designated as “Food Allergy Friendly”.

Hotel Motel Tax

Every facility providing short-term lodging (less than 30 days) for a fee in Suffolk County is required to collect an occupancy tax from persons occupying such rooms at the rate of 3% of the per-diem rental rate charged for each room. This law applies to all lodging facilities including residences and tourist homes, not just traditional hotels and motels. See the following definitions as defined in Chapter 523, Article II of the Suffolk County Code.

No Spray Law Registry
Public Works

Suffolk County has adopted a new law creating a "no-spray" registry for people who do not want their property subject to adult mosquito control (aerosol and fog applications). Larval control (application to water that's breeding mosquitoes) is not included.

Suffolk County Government

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