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Permit for Temporary Obstruction of a Highway

Phone: (631) 852-4100

Under Section 103 Article V of the Highway Law, Article 10, Section 385 of the V. & T. Law any vehicle of a size or weight exceeding the limitations, as specified below, traveling on County roads must have a permit from this Department.

Two (2) types of permits, as listed below, are issued by this Department.


The type "B" permit is a blanket permit and is valid for one year. This permit will be issued for a single hauling vehicle and associated equipment list. A separate equipment list sheet must be filled out by the permittee giving all the necessary information. The combination of the vehicle, trailer and load, as indicated on the equipment list, must be of legal weight and 12’ or less in width and no greater than 72’ in length.

Any vehicle or combination thereof, greater than these dimensions must acquire a Type "T" permit from this Department.


The Type "T" permit is a trip permit and is issued by this Department for one (1) move. This move will be from one specific place to another or for a round trip for vehicles hauling the same load (weight and dimensions) or no loads. Only one round trip allowed per permit. The duration of this permit shall be up to eight (8) permissible hauling days.

Self-propelled vehicles, vehicles with special commercial plates and/or any combinations thereof., that exceed the following shall require trip permits only:

  • WIDTH OVER 12’

NOTE: If a trip permit is issued by the NYS Dept. of Transportation and this move also includes County roads, the hauler must submit the original NYS permit for this move and it will be validated by this Department indicating the County roads to be traveled upon.


Type "B" permits are $10.00 per towing vehicle per year.

Type "T" permits are $10.00 per trip.


Insurance must be provided as follows:

The applicant agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the County of Suffolk, the County’s consultant (if any), its agents, employees, or any other person against loss or expense including attorney’s fees, by reason of the liability imposed by law upon the County, except in cases of its sold negligence, for damage because of bodily injury, including death at any time resulting therefrom, sustained by any person or persons, or on account of damage to property arising out of or in consequence of this Agreement, whether such injuries to persons or damage to property are due or claim to be due to any passive negligence of the County, its employees or agent or any other person.

In addition, applicant shall procure and maintain throughout the life of this permit, at his own cost and expense the following insurance coverage:

COMPREHENSIVE GENERAL LIABILITY INSURANCE with a combined single limit for bodily injury and property damage of not less that one million dollars ($1,000,000.00) with independent contractors, contractual and broad form property damage coverage.

AUTOMOBILE LIABILITY INSURANCE with a combined single limit for bodily injury and property damage of not less than one million dollars ($1,000,000.00)


Prior to the granting of the permit, the applicant shall furnish to the County of Suffolk certificate(s) of insurance evidencing the aforesaid insurance requirements and said certificates shall name the County of Suffolk as an additional insured and also provide for the County of Suffolk as a certificate holder and that the certificate holder shall be notified thirty (30) days prior to any cancellation, non-renewal or material change of action.

For more detailed information, please call our Permits Section at (631) 852-4100.

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