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Highway Access Permit Procedures

The following is a general guideline that outlines this Department’s Highway Work Permit process. Since the various towns within the County have different review processes, this outline may vary accordingly.

  • To expedite the permit process, plans for the proposed development should be submitted to this office concurrent with submittals to the appropriate town.
  • If the development is located on a roadway maintained by the County, then a permit from this Department will be required pursuant to Section 136 of the Highway Law for any improvements this Department deems necessary along the County right-of-way of this roadway.
  • Roadway improvements may include: concrete curbing, 5’ wide concrete sidewalk, required roadway drainage and 6" thick asphalt pavement. Large projects may require the installation of a traffic signal(s).
  • It will be the permittee’s responsibility to perform all the work on the County right-of-way required under this permit at their own expense.
  • Before a permit is issued by this Department for these improvements, documentation pursuant to Section 239K of the New York State General Municipal Law must be forwarded to us from the appropriate Town Building Department for our review and comments.
  • Upon our review of the 239K, a package will be forwarded to the permittee which includes our response to the 239K, the permit to be signed by the permittee, a cover letter indicating the amount of the fees (indicated below) and the security and this Department’s bond form.
  • A non-refundable review fee determined by the attached schedule must be submitted along with a refundable performance bond (security) in the amount of the total value of the work required to be performed upon the County right-of-way, as determined by this Department. This bond shall be in the form of either a letter of credit, certified check or bond (on this Department’s bond form). In addition, a non-refundable a permit fee of 5% of the performance bond (security) is also required.
  • It is the applicant’s responsibility to advise this Department of the name and address of the permittee as well as any contact person(s) and appropriate phone numbers.

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