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Property Watch List

What is it?

The Suffolk County Clerk is implementing a new program at no cost to property owners allowing them to register their property and receive e-mail notification(s) when a deed or any land record affecting their property is recorded and/or filed with the Suffolk County Clerk.

Once registered, this program will electronically alert registered property owners by email when any occurrence related to a land record takes place on their property.

Under New York State law, Counties are required to record all deeds and mortgages that are proper on their face. Permission from the property owner is not needed when recording land documents at the Suffolk County Clerk’s Office. Therefore, property owners may be unaware of any activity on their property until they sell their home, transfer title to a relative, refinance their mortgage, or become subject to a foreclosure action.

How Will the Program Work?

Suffolk County property owners can register by submitting an email to (insert Property Watch List in the subject line) with the full name of the owner, full address and if available, the 19 digit tax map number associated with their property to receive an email each time any documents are recorded/filed against the registered property. Owners may opt out at any time and there is no fee associated to this service.

Please call 631-852-2000 x 899 for any questions or further detail.


The Suffolk County Clerk assumes no liability for failure to provide the requested notice of recorded documents with respect to property for which you are registering to receive notification. The County of Suffolk and the Suffolk County Clerk make no warranty nor any guaranty regarding the issuance, lack of issuance, completeness or timeliness of any notification from this service and the subscriber waives its right to seek or obtain damages as a result thereof.  It is the sole responsibility of the subscriber to affirmatively ascertain the source, accuracy and validity of any recorded document associated with the property for which you are registering to receive notification. The County of Suffolk and the Suffolk County Clerk, assumes no liability for fulfilling their legal duty to record documents, even if those documents are in some instances later determined to be erroneous, fraudulent or invalid.